Friends of The Dankles

Mac & Smash

Chicago based clothing company Mac & Smash strive to be a genuine representation of the EDM lifestyle by letting you wear the music proudly. Founders Bernice Evanne & Ashely Moore goal is to take the feelings from the music, as well as, influences from respected artists and put it into their products, bringing creativity and unique designs to the scene. With the likes of Benga, Nadastrom, Willy Joy, and Dillon Francis endorsing these fresh threads, why wouldn’t you treat yourself to some proper clothing swag.

Mile High Live

Our friends over at Mile High Live have been making some of the best videos in all of the Denver/Boulder area.  So if you see some people filming at the next show you go to, it’s likely that Mile High Live is behind it.

The Zorch

The Zorch is the idea of a second mythical stomach that you fill with things like music and art instead of food.  Our friends in the Chicago area run the Zorch.  If you are looking for a good indie fix, or maybe some oldies, show them some love.

EMF – Electronic Music’s Finest

EMF is another music blog similar to ours that is run by a couple of friends who consistanly put out new material along with some good reads too.  Click the links below to show them some love.


If you’re in need of stickers, banners, graphic design, these are the guys to go to.  They are located in Denver, and we have worked with them in the past.  Everything is very high quality, and they are extremely timely on all orders. I highly recommend using them for all future needs!


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