The· Dank·els [th’uh dangk·els]: adjective: Something good or pleasing. Usually in reference to music. In a sentence: “This song hits so hard, it’s the dankles!”

The Dankles was started by three college kids looking to spread their  love for music to others. We dabble in, but are not limited to: Electro, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trance, Dance, Disco, Drumstep, Indie, Rap, Hip-Hop and much more. We are looking to grow and spread our music to others, so please pass this website on to your friends, cousins, girlfriends, your local postman, and even your dentist! Send us your favorites!

We provide downloads for all of our highlighted songs. That being said, if, for any reason, you feel that a song should not be posted or would like it removed, do not hesitate to ask. We make no profit from this website, and have no intent to exploit any artist.

To navigate around our blog: You will see the categories along the top of every page.  We have divided our posts into genre-specific categories.  Along with each genre there are tabs for mixes, videos (music videos & concert videos), contests (ticket giveaways & merchandise), our “About” page, and the contact form.

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